What motivates us

We all know that very few people can keep doing something at a 100% if they are not motivated.
We all have a value system and within the value system we have a set of seven values that determines what motivates us. (This should not be confused with motivational talks)

The optimum goal is to ensure that, if possible, we deploy an employee to work in an environment that is natural and as close as possible to his value system. Those who understand their natural motivators better are far more likely to pursue the right opportunities for the right reasons, and get the results they desire.

The Values Index profile is unique in that it:

  • has the highest validity and reliability scores on the market today
  • was the first values instrument to examine seven separate dimensions of motivation
  • was the first click and drag values instrument interface on the market today
  • contains the most current instrument items for increased accuracy and reliability.

Combined with the DISC and the Attributes index, this profile provides us with a comprehensive 80 page feedback report on each employee.

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