The MATRIX solution

In today’s dynamic business landscape, success is not merely about individual components working in isolation; it’s about orchestrating a symphony of interconnected processes to drive forward momentum. At Tomi, we understand that businesses are intricate ecosystems, similar to finely tuned engines ready to propel towards their objectives. However, even the most finely tuned machine requires guidance and direction.
Our focus is on the development of the people component, while also assisting them in enhancing and developing the business strategy. Our neural pathways dictate our thinking patterns. Understanding these patterns ensures that our leaders and workforce function optimally and are positioned in the business where they thrive. This is achieved through highly advanced AI software measurements of how each individual’s brain operates.
We all have blind spots, those areas where we miss things or do not understand why our thinking happens the way it does. Fortunately, the development of the brain, referred to as neuroplasticity, allows the brain to adapt when taught how to. This is where our specialized coaching changes thinking processes so that all team leaders focus in unison. Once this is achieved, we can further develop the strategy.
Key Inquiries: Ask yourself:
1. Do you have clarity on your current business position, (2)
2. Your desired destination, and (3)
3. The roadmap to bridge the gap? While it’s disheartening to acknowledge that a significant portion of new ventures falter within their initial years, we refuse to accept this statistic as fate.
The repercussions of possible business closures for not taking appropriate actions, extend far beyond mere numbers, impacting livelihoods, families, and the broader economy. Business trajectories vary, with some spiralling into decline from inception while others navigate a full life cycle before reaching stagnation. This is unessasary. Dependant on your business’s stage, Tomi Consulting leverages a robust toolkit honed over years of experience to fortify your growth trajectory and steer clear of decline.
Our commitment is simple: to instil solutions that foster continuous expansion and resilience.
Our Approach: Grounded in three fundamental principles:
1. Measurement: If it’s not measurable, it’s not manageable. Start measuring the EQ of the leadership and understand where those people will operate at maximum success.
2. Coaching and Training: Once the baseline has been established, we can develop and train for optimum functionality in the business.
3. Revenue Optimization: Research has shown that a common goal is crucial for the leadership team to succeed. Let us help you achieve this perfect vision. Moreover, we advocate for a scientific approach to business operations and human capital management alike.
When people understand their blind spots, focus on their strengths, and combine this knowledge for a common goal, the team gains superpowers with higher profit to follow. Recognizing the pivotal role of human resources, we emphasize empirical methodologies over mere guesswork. Join us as we navigate the complex terrain of modern business, equipped with AI-driven strategies and a steadfast commitment to your success.
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Fig 1

Business Life Cycle