Sales Training

In the new world of e-commerce, we tend to forget the core knowledge and skills that made the door to door salesman of 50 years ago so successful.

Do you or your staff still deal directly with clients in a sales situation? Then the basic (and advanced) essence of selling is still important to you. Selling is an age old phenomenon that will still exist in the same format for hundreds or even thousands of years to come.

Many people make the mistake of referring to somebody as a born salesman. There is no such thing. Some people just have a natural instinct to pick up the knowledge and the skills faster than the next person.

We will NOT teach from a manual. Selling is a hands-on process where you can only learn from seeing, doing and practice.

Sales videos and dry runs will be used until the staff members are comfortable with all the processes and techniques.

Dealing with objections is one of the most important tools in your sales toolbox. DOES your staff have the tools to deal with it? Product knowledge is mostly seen as the only important aspect to have in sales, but, in reality, it is only one of seven critical steps.

It may seem like a challenge, but becoming a great salesman is an easy problem to solve.

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