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Our training consists of two marketing components: the presentation and sales training.

In the new world of e-commerce, we tend to forget the core knowledge and skills that made the door to door salesman of 50 years ago so successful.

Do you or your staff still deal directly with clients in a sales situation? Then the basic (and advanced) essence of selling is still important to you. Selling is an age old phenomenon that will still exist in the same format for hundreds or even thousands of years to come.

Many people make the mistake of referring to somebody as a born salesman. There is no such thing. Some people just have a natural instinct to pick up the knowledge and the skills faster than the next person.

We will NOT teach from a manual. Selling is a hands-on process where you can only learn from seeing, doing and practice.

Sales videos and dry runs will be used until the staff members are comfortable with all the processes and techniques.

Dealing with objections is one of the most important tools in your sales toolbox. DOES your staff have the tools to deal with it? Product knowledge is mostly seen as the only important aspect to have in sales, but, in reality, it is only one of seven critical steps.

It may seem like a challenge, but becoming a great salesman is an easy problem to solve.

The Presentation


Presentation Skills

If you are explaining your new idea in the boardroom, stating your case in the meeting room, presenting your company or product to a large audience, or simply selling your product to a single client, you are busy with a presentation

All of the above are different levels of the same thing. You are presenting your ideas, yourself, your company or your product to a single person, group of people or a large audience. You have one purpose in mind and that is to persuade them to agree with you. You want them to buy what you are telling them. Here, the quality of your presentation will make or break you. This is also extremely important in internal marketing.

Ask yourself the following questions: Do I have the knowledge to do this? Am I comfortable with my knowledge of the science behind selling my idea in a structured format? Do I know when and how to use the tools and technology that are available?

How confident were you in answering these questions? How confident, competent and comfortable are your staff, who are responsible for the mentioned tasks, with answering these questions?

Do you know and understand the psychological process you have to follow to get people to agree with you? Do you understand that these decisions are quite often made on a subconscious level and that you have to know how to reach that level? If this sounds like hypnosis… maybe it is.

A presentation is, in essence, a sales pitch. It is NOT a bunch of facts neatly put into a PowerPoint presentation by your PA or secretary.

The steps and techniques are simple to follow, but, if you do not know them, these easy steps become a mountain to climb. Keep in mind that people are visually inclined and 80% of what we remember is taken in through our eyes. If you don’t use the proper steps, that 80% will be lost. Do you want people to remember 20% or 100% of your presentation?

You can make a difference in your business. Do not leave money on the table for your competition to take because you did not apply proper presentation skills.

Simply contact us to guide you towards excellent presentation skills!

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